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Looking for some creative inspiration or do you want to learn more from an expert? Join my virtual artist's online help desk and spend some one on one time exploring possibilities for your personal project. 

All artists reach a point where they don't know what to do next.  If you get stuck, friends and relatives may try to help but there is no substitute for advice from a professional artist and art teacher. 

Book a time and send me a photo of your project. Before your Zoom session, I will spend some time feeling your painting so that I am prepared for the session. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your painting and I will use the Adobe Fresco painting app to demonstrate possibilities.  We can discuss options and help to inspire you to take your work to a higher level. 

The advice is individual, just you and me  If you don't want to show your video you don't need to.  You will be able to discuss the work with me using audio and draw on the screen to illustrate a point.

Get in touch with your creative side and spend some time discussing your work with a professional with these online classes. 

It is not always possible to produce results in a 15-minute session. If you are not 100% happy with your consultation I will refund the cost of your session with a voucher.

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