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Materials for oil and acrylic classes

I have spare materials and equipment you can borrow or buy if you are unable to obtain them

Art materials are expensive.  Here is a detailed list


Acrylic moulding paste

Alkyd painting medium

We work on large canvases stapled on to the stretcher from behind.  The more you spend the better the quality but you don't have to buy expensive canvases.  The minimum size is 20 inches along the shortest dimension

Acrylic modelling paste is available from arts shops.  Some call it moulding paste.


You can make your own and there are recipes online.  I haven't tried the one in the video below but I will

The only medium I use is Alkyd lean medium from Atelier.


Acrylic paint

For the underpainting, I use student grade acrylic paint in big 700 ml bottles but to begin with the smaller 250 ml jars will be OK. I suggest the following colours; white, black, cool yellow, warm yellow, cool blue, warm blue, cool red and warm red.

Oil paint

I use Winsor and Newton Griffin alkyd based quick drying oils for painting and glazing.  The following colours will be enough to start with: Pthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Winsor Red, Permanent Rose, Winsor Yellow, Titanium White and Black

As far as I know these paints are not available in Perth so you will have to order them online


The technique leaves an uneven gloss and te painting need protecting so I varnish several times with a soft brush.

Most importantly use Colour Shapers for dragging paint.  Otherwise, any suitable brush can be used 

Coffee and tea

We supply unlimited fresh ground coffee or tea 


A sketchbook and an Artline 200 fine 0.4 pen for thumbnails 

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