OIl pastel and ink painting

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The students will use techniques described on my website and my article published in Artist's Palette magazine. 

These involve working from thumbnails to a full sized 57 x 76 cm painting on Arches cotton rag paper.  They are taught to make and use reed pens working loosely with Indian ink creating marks inspired by Van Gogh's ink drawings.

Then create a colourful layered oil pastel painting with colour patches influenced by Pierre Bonnard and the Fauves.

The painting is then destroyed with archival pigment based ink and allowed to dry.

Through a process of discovery using a palette knife and scraping listening to the painting, a new work emerges from your imagination.

In Australia, Jeremy teaches his oil pastel techniques at his studio/gallery in Mount Helena, WA and at Murdoch and Edith Cowen Universities in Perth as part of the Jan Cross Art School.  See on Facebook .  In Thailand he teaches them at Thailand Painting Holidays.