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Materials for oil pastel classes

I have spare materials and equipment you can borrow or buy if you are unable to obtain them

Art materials are expensive.  Here is a detailed list

Pencil and rubber

Any 2B pencil and rubber will do.


We can supply these

Reed pen

We can make a reed pen from our bamboo plants or you can borrow one of mine

Drawing board

We use 3ply wood boards as they are light and do not warp.  They need to be slightly larger than your paper  maybe 57 by 77 cms

Indian ink

A small bottle is useful or you can use mine

Bulldog clips

To clip your paper to your board.  We can supply them


Oil Pastels

We work on full-size sheets of Arches cotton rag watercolour paper with Satine (smooth) texture (56 by 76 cms) I recommend using large sheets but any good quality watercolour paper will do

I have used Talens Van Gogh oil pastels for years but any artist oil pastels will do provide they are the HARD type.  The soft greasy ones will not work.  You can get sets quite cheaply


A sketchbook and an Artline 200 fine 0.4 pen for thumbnails 

Ink to destroy your work

We use Art Spectrum violet Artist Pigmented ink in 500 ml bottles.  You can use ours or buy a smaller quantity if you wish

Palette knife

Required to scrape back into the painting.  We can lend you one


You can varnish your finished work if you wish

Coffee and tea

We supply unlimited fresh ground coffee or tea 

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