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I provide workshops at my studio/gallery in Mount Helena. They are usually small groups from beginners to experienced artists.  You will have individual advice in a relaxed environment developing your techniques, understanding of art and confidence in your work.  More like an apprenticeship or masterclass than a formal lesson.

  "I mainly teach the ability to let go of reality and allow your imagination to soar.  Allow the painting to take over.  It will tell you what to do.  There is no well-defined objective or known destination.  The painting will tell you what to do and take you where it wants to go.  For me, this is the essence of creation.  It's not easy to do or teach.  Often a beginner finds it easier than an experienced artist who may have to unlearn habits, but it's always worthwhile.  Even if you return to your previous approach you will do so with a renewed vision and enthusiasm" 

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