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Peaches, plums and nectarines

Peaches, plums and nectarines

Comments by other artists made in web critique group "Wow love your style... This reminds me of The Garden of Eden after the apple was eaten... Wonderful movement and emotion in this piece... Nice work Jeremy...Kitten""I love all this painting Jeremy.The composition,the extreme mouvement and the strong colors.The branches of the fruit trees twist as claws that catch to Eva. I think about a crucifixion in the middle of the garden of the delights.Plenty of fruits but cannot eat nor can escape,she lop tries but it cannot.Strong and beautiful at the same time. Kind regards,Marta""Very cool...i love the vibrant colors and the expressive nature of this piece. I think it is very well done indeed. It has a lot of movement and feeling in it. Nice Job, Pam""Apples got a bad press because of Eve - but now - the orchard fights back. The fruit trees hold her in the pose of the crucifixion and the red of the blood floods the grass... or perhaps - it's the whore of Babylon. Either way - the 'Scream' like mask is telling us something about the mythology of womankind in a painterly and narrative style. Lots ot admire and lots to think on here, Jeremy. Most enjoyable. I shall have to look up the mythology of orchards and see what else there is to find. Thanks for sharing.""The other comments have been so perceptive. Perhaps She fights for other fruits from the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. The mask is very Noh. The hands are strong and look capable of grasping, though one arm almost looks disconnected. Intriguing work--original."




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