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Happiness patterns of boats at Fremantle

Happiness patterns of boats at Fremantle

A jumble of colour and shapes inspired by the boats and racks in East Fremantle. This is a real scene but the painting took over and created its own version of reality. I create textures on the canvas using acrylic modelling paste, then draw the initial images in black and white acrylic paint. The next phase is the most exhausting as I work rapidly without thinking applying colour loosely with acrylic paint. I haven't a clue what I am doing, I just do it as it feels. When it is dry , I rework the painting completely with alkyd based oil paint from Winsor and Newton. The colours are more complex and intense. I drag paint over the top of underlying paint using colour shapers. I combine this with glazing thin films of colour modifying the underlying colours. All this creates depth, richness, complexity, and interest to the painting.



Acrylic & oil



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