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Master classes in oil pastel

Discover painting with your imagination with oil pastels and ink

The workshops are based on the highly successful techniques I teach at the Drawing for Optimists Art School

Learn to listen to the painting, take risks and let  your imagination take over

As I teach you individually I can have artists at different stages in the technique at the same time.  So you can start the course at any time.

The workshops are held in my gallery and I can only accommodate up to 5 artists.  That enables me to give individual instruction.  I work with you on your painting.

Timing is also flexible.  Each session is 3 hours and I prefer to have sessions on Saturday afternoons but I can organise another time to fit in with your schedule

Please leave your details so I can contact you

Each 3-hour session costs $90 payable on the day or you can book four sessions in advance for $300.  Credit cards accepted.  I supply easels but you need to bring your own materials as indicated in the materials list.

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BEGINNERS: produce good results with this technique as they are not restricted by previous lessons and can start with a clean slate

EXPERIENCED ARTISTS: often come to me because they have been copying nature and want to discover their ability to work loosely from imagination

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