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Moon rising over the Mitchell Falls

Moon rising over the Mitchell Falls

Its 2 to 3 days driver from Perth to the Kimberley in the remote North of Western Australia. Another day or two along the Gibb River Road and then the track to the Mitchell Plateau. The roads are impassable in the Wet so its best to go soon after when the gorges are all flowing and hope that you don’t get blocked by a river crossing. The Mitchell Falls is worth it. This is early evening in the Dry when the falls are not in full spate but its still magnificent. I went for a walk from our camp site and left it too late to return. It was dark and I knew I had to cross a creek but couldn't find the path. In the end I took a guess as to where the camp was and waded across the stream in the dark (no crocs in that section I hoped) and luckily my sense of direction was OK as I scrambled into the camp as my friends were beginning to get worried. Nothing for several hundred kms cliffs and gorges not a good place to get lost in the dark.



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